Coach Chad

With many years of experience in the fitness industry and as a former certified ISSA personal trainer and currently  CrossFit L2 Trainer and USAWeightlifting L2, he can give you the personal attention that you need to meet your fitness goals in a CrossFit class or if more personal attention is required,  personal training sessions are available by appointment only. Please e-mail to set it up.



Coach Matt

My CrossFit journey started in my late 30’s, seeing how it changed the lives of several around me. I can still remember the burn in my chest, completely exhausted, and needing to sit for 15 minutes before getting in my car and driving home. As a teacher, and parent of 2 young boys, the need for a change in lifestyle was necessary. Fast forward 7 years, and it has been one of the most positive experiences of my life. CrossFit is a way of life!! After beginning CrossFit, my family followed suit. Our nightly routine, for me, my wife, and 2 sons (14 & 11), involves spending time with our CrossFit family. The positivity of CrossFit has even influenced my parents (68 & 79 years old), who 

have been at it for 6 years.

As the years have passed, I have self-reflected on the positive changes that CrossFit has made in my family’s life. We are all physically, mentally, and socially stronger. This lead me to pursue my CFL1 Certification, which I obtained in 2018. With my CFL1, I am able to share the CrossFit methodology with others, in a safe and functional manner.